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What is it that makes us feel real emotions for fictional characters?

What is it about the way a particular character is presented that makes readers feel real emotions on that character’s behalf?

This survey aims to collect data on the books and characters that most inspire the most empathy in readers. You will be asked to rate a book you have read in the last 3 months, and to describe the characters who inspired the most feeling in you. Books which scored well in the survey will then be analysed to identify what it is about them which creates empathy.

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New prize draw: closing date 15th February 2020

Participants who wish to give their email address will be entered into a prize draw to win a £15 book token (or Amazon voucher). Your email address will not be used for any other purpose and will be deleted after the draw. All other data will be stored anonymously.

Participation is voluntary, and participants are free to withdraw at any time.

After the survey, information about the results will be posted here. The closing date for the prize draw is 15th February 2020. Please contact me using the email address below if you have any questions.

Researcher: Lucy Peacock | lucy.peacock@nottingham.ac.uk

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